Hey, I'm Noah.

From a young age, I have absolutely loved capturing memories in any way possible. My goals shoot as far as my imagination can take me. As a creative in Kansas, I love helping others do the same by capturing the most precious moments in our lives and retelling them in exciting ways. Being young does not set me back, it elevates and challenges me to make my work outshine my competition. My work comes at the highest quality I am capable of, with it still ever-increasing in integrity. I look forward to living out your dreams and replaying them for a lifetime.

Freezing your special moments.

Photography has my heart as one of my favorite creative outlets. From a young age, I had a camera in my hand with an eye out for something special. I remember taking a picture of a bird on the side of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the bird was isolated with a blurry background, something I had never seen before. It inspired me to figure out how to take more pictures like it. Now I've mastered the art of controlling my camera, creating a portal from my visions to reality.

Replaying the everlasting memories.

I never thought I would find myself as a videographer. Making life cinematic was something I thought only Steven Spielberg could do. But as I grow, I find that I too can make memories greater than life. From sports, small business, events, and everywhere in between, allowing others to see life through my eyes never grows old.

Going beyond just a moment.

Graphic design is what launched me into digital media. From the small beginnings of discovering how I could make basic shapes in photoshop, to working with big companies on brand refreshing and advertisement, the skills I have compiled after many successes,... and many failures, continues to blow my mind with the final products I create.